Orange Technology launches new client service

Whitehorse – January 6th, 2014

Orange Technology, Yukon’s fastest growing IT solutions provider, announces the launch of a new service for its clients.

“Orange Technology is breaking the standard for client service delivery” says Martin Lawrie, Vice President of technical services at Orange. “We are Yukon’s premier technology support company. We strive to provide the best possible service for our clients, always challenging the status quo in the industry and doing what we can to keep Yukoners better connected. This is why we’re proud to launch our newest service, 24/7 network monitoring. Most importantly, and to show our continued commitment to our clients, we are offering this service at absolutely no charge.”

Officially beginning January 1st, 2014, Orange Technology has implemented an automated network monitoring solution for its clients. Networks administered by Orange Technology are monitored for internet connectivity, and in the event of service disruption, a notification is sent to Orange’s technicians and engineers.

“Because this notification is platform agnostic, all our staff can receive it whether it be on their computer workstations, laptops, tablets or smartphones” says Lawrie. “Thanks to this flexibility, we’re able to offer 24/7 monitoring of networks.”

“The great thing about this service is that it doesn’t require access to any of our client’s data” explains Martin Lehner, senior network design engineer for Orange. “The monitoring system confirms availability of internet-facing services right at the firewall, so it doesn’t require any access to actual data housed on servers or storage devices. Many of our clients have very confidential data and wouldn’t necessarily feel comfortable with a third party having access to it. Therefore, choosing an automated monitoring solution that didn’t require access to the actual data was an absolute requirement for us.”

“We’ve already had success during our trial run” notes Lawrie. “One of our clients who was trial testing our automated monitoring was affected by a loss of connectivity early last week. By the time they realized there was an issue and called us, we had already received the notification from our monitoring system and had dispatched a technician to investigate.”

Orange Technology is offering this new automated network monitoring service for no charge to all its existing and new clients. “We felt that being able to offer this solution to our clients would enhance our ability to administer and manage their computer networks. When we started looking at various solutions, we wanted something scalable, so we would be able to offer it at no extra cost to our clients. This was extremely important to us, as we’re very focused on proving exceptional service, 24/7.”

Orange Technology is a Yukon-wide IT solutions and support provider, located in Whitehorse.

For additional information, contact Orange Technology at 867-332-5555, or e-mail