Tangerine Technology issues comment on City of Whitehorse contract

Whitehorse – April 6th, 2017

Tangerine Technology, Yukon’s largest IT solutions provider, issues comment on City of Whitehorse telecommunications contract.

“As reported by media earlier this week, Whitehorse City Council is being asked to approve a new three-year contract, worth $756,000, to the incumbent telecommunications service provider”, says Martin Lawrie, Vice President at Tangerine. “This is concerning for us as it represents a very large service contract which is being proposed to be sole sourced without competition”.

“Telecommunications, globally, has changed drastically in the last several years”, states Martin Lehner, Tangerine Technology’s lead technician. “One solution that I believe the City of Whitehorse should be exploring is VoIP, or Voice-over-Internet-Protocol. This is the de-facto standard that many large organizations, both government as well as private sector are deploying and have been deploying for many years now”.

“One comment that was made to City Council was that perhaps the City’s infrastructure would require upgrades to support VoIP”, notes Lawrie. “If that is indeed the case, it doesn’t mean that a VoIP solution has to be taken off the table. These upgrades could very well be provided as part of the overall telecommunications contract. In other words, a proponent who suggests deploying VoIP could also upgrade the infrastructure at the same time”.

“That type of package, where computer network upgrades are bundled into a VoIP deployment, are very common in our industry”, adds Lehner. “Despite VoIP being a very attractive option, it is also not the only alternative to traditional landline telephone service. I believe there are a number of possible solutions that could meet the City’s needs, if they’re willing to take a look at them”.

Lawrie notes that access to local procurement is important to allow local providers the opportunity to work within their community. “In any case and regardless who is awarded it in the end, we strongly support an open, transparent and fair process for solutions providers to respond to the City’s telecommunications contract”.

Tangerine Technology is a Yukon-wide IT solutions and support provider, located in Whitehorse.

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