Orange Technology issues statement on Designated Material Regulation changes

Whitehorse – May 14, 2016

Orange Technology, Yukon’s most advanced IT solutions provider, issues a statement on the changes being instituted on Designated Material Regulations.

“Here at Orange Technology, we’ve always promoted and practiced sustainable business”, says Martin Lawrie, Vice President at Orange. “From our nearly-exclusive fleet of Smart cars to the low-power consuming solutions we deploy for clients, we firmly believe that industry has a part to play in becoming a ‘greener’ society. However, we do have a number of concerns with the new changes being imposed through the new Designated Materials Regulation”.

“Orange Technology already pays to recycle electronics such as used computers”, explains Martin Lehner, Orange Technology’s lead technician. “In many cases, this cost is already passed onto clients, and now we’re talking about an additional surcharge on top of that”.

There are also concerns in regards to how this will be implemented with those retailers and service providers not located inside the territory. “I’m not exactly sure how the Government plans to impose a surcharge on individual companies and groups selling products into the territory. In the technology world, we’re talking about thousands if not tens of thousands of vendors that can and will ship electronic goods into the territory. Many of those vendors are from outside Canadian jurisdiction. Without physically opening every parcel and shipment that comes into the territory, it would be impossible to ensure with any scope of reliability that this program is applied equally to everyone across the board”, says Lehner. “That has the potential to put local business at a significant disadvantage in the marketplace”.

Perhaps the biggest concern has been the lack of communication. “No one from any Government department or regulatory body has contacted us for our opinion on how our industry works, or how best to institute a mandatory recycling fee program”, adds Lawrie. “When we contacted the existing computer and IT recycling agency, they indicated that they as well have no idea how this program will affect them, and as of right now, they have no plans to discontinue charging fees for recycling. It’s a bit concerning that we have a firm deadline in place already and no one that we know in the industry knows how this program is going to work”.

Orange Technology is a Yukon-wide IT solutions and support provider, located in Whitehorse.

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