Orange Technology saves the environment, one keyboard at a time.

Whitehorse – May 25, 2015

Orange Technology, Yukon’s fastest growing IT solutions provider is helping Yukoners save money, at the same as helping save the environment.

“We quietly surpassed the $100,000.00 (and 800,000 lbs of emissions) savings mark”, says Martin Lawrie, Vice President of Technical Services at Orange. “Today, we’re looking at a figure of over $112,000.00 in represented energy savings”. Over the past number of years, Orange Technology has been quietly deploying energy-efficient technology equipment in offices, businesses and governments across the Yukon.

Martin Lehner, responsible for Network Design at Orange, has been leading the move towards greener solutions. “As we all know, the adoption and use of technology is increasing constantly. The more devices we use, the more we connect, the more resources are required”. The largest resource being consumed by technology is energy. “Several years ago, we started looking at electricity consumption and how we could start to reduce that. Our goal has been to provide leading-edge products that are faster and more efficient, while at the same time reducing the consumption of electricity”.

This endeavour has not been without frustration. “We tried many different solutions, many of which didn’t work out in the end”, says Lehner. “After trial, error and rigorous testing however, we did find several solutions that delivered exactly what we were looking for”. Those solutions involved low power servers, switching equipment and computer workstations. “On average, our clients are seeing a payback on their new desktop computers in under a year and half, just from the electricity savings alone. This doesn’t even factor in the increased ‘social responsibility’ from using technology that is much more environmentally-friendly”.

“Orange has always prided itself on being at the forefront of the technology industry”, notes Lawrie. “We believe that it is technology that will ultimately allow our society to move away from a dependency on things like fossil fuels and non-renewable resources. We will continue to support a business model that practices environmentally-responsible behaviour”.

Orange’s solutions have thus far reduced annual CO2 emissions by 867,466 lbs. This is the equivalent of the CO2 emissions produced by consuming 167,603 liters of vehicle gasoline, or burning 422,638 lbs of coal.

Orange Technology is a Yukon-wide IT solutions and support provider, located in Whitehorse.

For additional information, contact Orange Technology at 867-322-TECH, or e-mail