Orange Technology announces environmental savings figures

Whitehorse – June 2nd, 2014

Orange Technology, Yukon’s fastest growing IT solutions provider announces its environmental savings figures.

“Here at Orange, we’re always looking for ways to improve our product offerings” says Martin Lawrie, Vice President of technical services at Orange. “We are Yukon’s premier technology support company. Being in the IT industry, we feel that it is our responsibility to be as environmentally friendly as possible, since our industry on a whole does create a lot of waste and pollution. We’ve started a number of initiatives to become more ‘green’. Among those initiatives includes low-power solutions for our clients. This doesn’t just save real cash on their monthly electricity bill, but also helps reduce pollution at the same time”.

Since January 1st, 2013, Orange’s solutions have saved Yukoners an estimated $23,825.27 in electricity costs.

This energy savings represents 170,590.00 lbs of annual CO2 emissions. This is the equivalent to the CO2 emissions produced by consuming 32,959.60 liters of vehicle gasoline, driving 296,496.00 kilometers, or burning 83,113.00 lbs of coal.

“We’ve extremely proud of our accomplishments, not only in the business community but in the environmental community as well. We will continue to deploy next-generation, low-power solutions for all of our clients, encouraging a move towards a greener local IT industry”.

Orange Technology is a Yukon-wide IT solutions and support provider, located in Whitehorse.

For additional information, contact Orange Technology at 867-332-5555, or e-mail