Orange Technology issues immediate warning for Yukoners

Whitehorse – June 21, 2016

Orange Technology, Yukon’s most advanced IT solutions provider, issues a warning to Yukoners & Northerners who may have compromised computer networks.

“Cyber-security is a new concept to a lot of people”, says Martin Lawrie, Vice President at Orange. “What many people don’t realize is that there is a war currently being waged over the internet. Between malicious state-sponsored groups to the cyber ‘black market’, digital infrastructure is constantly at risk”.

“Late last week, a list of compromised computer servers was made available to the digital underworld”, says Martin Lehner, Orange Technology’s cyber-security expert.

Reporting on that list, and the list itself, can be found here:

“The list is essentially a collection of public IP addresses and their geo-location. IP addresses on the internet are the equivalent of your home street address. Every public IP address is unique, and it is used to identify your network to the internet at-large”, explains Lehner. “In going through the list, which has a complement of just over 176,000 networks worldwide, we found a number of IP addresses that belong to Northerners. With these networks being listed, there is certainly an imminent risk for the data kept on those networks”.

“Data breaches can get ugly and costly”, cautions Lawrie. “It can be especially damaging if the data is sensitive in nature, for example, health or medical related. Even for companies who have payroll information for employees, Social Insurance Numbers can be at risk. Considering that over 3.5+ billion public IP addresses exist in the world today, it is quite alarming to see that a number of Northern networks appear in a list of just over 176,000. This really goes to show that even though we might consider ourselves as being geographically more remote and isolated, that simply isn’t the case when it comes to the world wide web”.

“We have always offered free, complementary assessments of computer networks”, adds Lehner. “This includes an in-depth analysis of security systems and potential vulnerabilities. We encourage any business or organization to take advantage of this offer. As the old adage goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

Orange Technology is a Yukon-wide IT solutions and support provider, located in Whitehorse.

For additional information, contact Orange Technology at 867-322-TECH, or e-mail