Orange Technology announces its new lineup of environmentally friendly computer hardware.

Whitehorse - October 7th, 2013

Orange Technology, Yukon’s fastest growing IT solutions provider, has unveiled its newest lineup of environmentally friendly technology solutions.

“We believe that everyone has a responsibility and a role to play when it comes to helping protect our environment”, said Martin Lehner, senior network design engineer for Orange. “We looked at the average office space, and began to think about how we could start minimizing e-waste and the carbon footprint of the technology we use today. After many hours of lab testing all kinds of various equipment and setups, we’re very happy to announce our newest ‘green’ solutions”.

Among those solutions are environmentally friendly desktop computers. “These computers can cut your power usage by 90% in some cases”, says Martin Lawrie, Vice President of technical services for Orange. “The average desktop we’re seeing in organizations is pulling around 450 watts of power. Our solutions require between 11 and 65 watts. The secret is all in efficiency”.

Orange achieves this by using a small footprint computer manufactured by Intel, called the NUC, or Next Unit of Computing. Measuring only approximately 4”x4”x2”, the NUC sits on the tabletop instead of on the floor. Lawrie says this has not only optimized space usage, but also conserves power consumption. “Very often, we just place the NUC under the monitor. Many of our clients are surprised by the amount of foot room they gain back by not having a traditional computer tower sitting there.” The NUC, a barebones case and motherboard that needs to be assembled with additional parts, can be a very fast computer when configured correctly. “In our experience, we have a computer that is not extremely costly, saves on energy usage, is quieter and takes up less physical room. This has been a win-win situation for all our clients to date.” Lawrie notes that the NUC, configured with optimal hardware (as tested in Orange’s lab over the past few months), sells starting at $699. “This represents a realistic price point for Yukon businesses and organizations”.

Mini servers are another avenue that Orange Technology is moving into. Built upon a similar concept as the Intel NUC, Orange’s mini servers capitalize on a small physical footprint as well as energy-saving components. “Most offices and organizations in the North don’t require high capacity servers. The standard solutions from manufacturers like HP and IBM really focus on larger user volumes. It’s pretty rare to find an office with more than 50 concurrent users”, says Lehner. “Given these working environments, it doesn’t make any sense at all to over-build a computer network and deploy something that’s designed for 1000+ users. Instead, we deploy mini servers, which are physically smaller and don’t have the same thirst for electricity”.

In addition to desktops and servers, other ‘green’ networking hardware exists as well. “Technology is changing so quickly. We’re seeing switches, firewalls, routers, even internet modems that are consuming less energy and being labeled as ‘green’”, says Lawrie. “Most importantly, we work with all our clients to ensure they have simplified access to the newest and latest technology that’s out there. Being at the forefront of the technology industry is what we strive for.”

To complement Orange’s new line of ‘green’ solutions, they also recently purchased two Smart cars to add to their corporate vehicle fleet. “We sat down and discussed it and decided that if we really wanted to make a positive change on our environmental impact, it couldn’t have just stopped at ‘green’ hardware solutions. We’re on the road a good portion of the day, and the fuel we consume has a significant environmental impact as well. So we made the decision to move towards a fleet of Smart cars, which are probably the most fuel efficient vehicle out there that you can drive year-round. Technology is by far the leader in helping to reduce the impact that we humans have on our environment. We are proud to be embracing these technologies and offering them to our local Yukon clients”.

Orange Technology is a Yukon-wide IT solutions and support provider, located in Whitehorse.

For additional information, contact Orange Technology at 867-332-5555, or e-mail