Orange Technology announces a brand new IT service in the Yukon

Whitehorse - October 21st, 2013

Orange Technology, Yukon’s fastest growing IT solutions provider, has unveiled a brand new service to Yukon businesses and organizations.

“Traditionally, Yukoners have been behind our southern neighbours in terms of replacing aging equipment”, said Martin Lawrie, Vice President of technical services at Orange. “From small 2 person offices to large infrastructure communications companies like NorthwesTel, we see it everywhere. A large part of the reason for this, quite simply, is cost. This is why we are announcing the launch of our brand new leasing program”.

Orange Technology is now in the business of leasing hardware to clients. “Everything from servers, to desktop computers, to cloud solutions, to IP phone systems, it’s all available for lease. No longer do businesses and organizations have to constrained by large capital expenditures in order to upgrade their technology equipment”, says Lawrie. Each leasing agreement is tailored to the specific client. “We go in and assess what the true needs are, and design a solution that fits them, design something that makes real sense”.

“Designing networks is a challenging task, and more often than not, solutions that are put in place are over-built and under-utilized”, says Martin Lehner, senior network design engineer for Orange. Lawrie adds, “Because of this, organizations are paying more than they should have initially, and are keeping old, aged, antiquated equipment running as long as possible to try and recuperate some of those dollars already spent. This is detrimental to the economy as a whole, as we’re left stuck ‘behind the times’ with equipment that should have been retired long ago”.

Leasing equipment is not a new idea in the technology industry. In fact, it’s been tried and proven for a long time already. However, there is no local Yukon provider offering this service. “Having a local provider available to deal with one-on-one, to physically see in person, to have that personal connecting, these are things that Yukoners want. Leasing equipment from a major manufacturer, such as IBM, has its pros and cons. One of those cons is not having the manufacturer, or even the reseller, here locally, and instead relying on third party support folks who most often are located halfway around the world. This is what our clients were telling us, and we listened. We understood that people wanted local support and a local presence, and that’s why we launched this new service”.

Beginning immediately, Orange Technology will offer leasing options to clients who qualify. “Responsiveness is our number one priority here at Orange, and we will continue to grow and adapt to the needs and wants of our clients. We are a dynamic company that strives to offer the best possible service that we can”.

Orange Technology is a Yukon-wide IT solutions and support provider, located in Whitehorse.

For additional information, contact Orange Technology at 867-332-5555, or e-mail