Orange Technology issues comment on recent cyber-security concerns

Whitehorse – November 30, 2016

Orange Technology, Yukon’s most advanced IT solutions provider, issues a comment on the recent spat of cyber-attacks and ransomware infections hitting local businesses and organizations.

“Cyber-security is quickly becoming the largest concern when it comes to computer networks and digital data”, says Martin Lawrie, Vice President at Orange. “Many people still don’t realize is that there is a war currently being waged over the internet. Between malicious state-sponsored groups to the cyber ‘black market’, digital infrastructure is constantly at risk”.

“Earlier this year, a list of compromised computer servers was made available to the digital underworld”, says Martin Lehner, Orange Technology’s cyber-security expert. Lehner holds numerous industry-related security certifications, including Certified Information Systems Security Officer and Certified Penetration Testing Engineer.

“In that list, a number of Yukon computer networks were identified. Now we’re seeing a sharp increase in attacks on Yukon networks. Coincidental ? It’s impossible to know for certain, but what is absolutely clear is that there is an increase in malicious attacks and infections of things like ransomware”, says Lehner.

“Ransomware, data breaches, networks that are hacked are all serious situations”, cautions Lawrie. “Everything from financial data to personal health information is being kept digitally. Keeping those assets safe and secure is the single, most important priority for many of our clients”.

“Here at Orange Technology, we’ve been calling for collaboration across the technology industry for several years”, adds Lehner. “The previous territorial government, unfortunately, did not find cyber-security an important issue. Our calls basically fell on deaf ears. We believe that a digital security strategy should be an integral part of the Yukon’s overall technology strategy, both from an economic development perspective as well as a security one. Local businesses, NGOs and even governments themselves have fallen victim to cyber-attacks and ransomware infections”.

Orange Technology has been keeping statistical records on cyber-attacks for several years. States Lehner, “in just the first three months of 2016, we documented 21 ransomware infections and over 1.2 million cyber-attacks against computer networks located in the Yukon. Of those 21 ransomware infections, 11 were breakable and data recovered, 3 were unbreakable and data recovered by paying the ransom, and 7 were unbreakable and data was lost. The majority of the time these infections aren’t reported to law enforcement authorities, as there is very little that these authorities can do”.

“An important component to protecting data from loss includes a well designed backup regime”, notes Lawrie. “Too often, data is not backed up reliably and the need for backup isn’t realized until it’s too late”.

Orange Technology is a Yukon-wide IT solutions and support provider, located in Whitehorse.

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